Kate and Emilyko (ケイトとエミリコ Keito to Emiriko?) is the 1st chapter of the Shadows House manga series.

Characters by Appearance

  1. Emilyko
  2. Kate


In a certain place the people their don't have faces, Emilyko is a living doll serving her master Kate.


In a certain place, there lived people with no faces. They are called the Shadow family, and they are served by the Living Dolls. Emilyko is a living doll, and her master's name is Kate who is a shadow. Emilyko wondered how she should interact with Kate. Kate saw that Emilyko is staring at her, and she said Emilyko should stop. Emilyko asks Kate for forgiveness, and Kate said it is bad to look at people while looking them in the eyes. Emilyko said that if Kate looks at Emilyko's forehead, she looks like she's making eye contact too. However, Kate said to her that she should not lie because no one can see a shadow's face. Kate wiped her face with a towel, and her face seems imprinted on it, which Emilyko saw. Emilyko saw Kate's face tilted and Emilyko asks her to smile.

Emilyko apologized to Kate because she said something impolite, but Kate said that it is not really impolite. Emilyko then figured out that she should not touch on the soot subject. Kate said the soot comes out when she is angry and sad. Emilyko said Kate was perchance angry earlier, but Kate said that was anxiety. Emilyko then said that the anxiety of being with her has disappeared, to which Kate said it might be. Emilyko then noticed that Kate smiled, but in reality, Kate had her back turned to Emilyko.


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