Broken dolls are... is the 2nd chapter of the Shadows House manga series.

Characters by Appearance

  1. Emilyko
  2. Kate


Emilyko notices that she is not feeling well and Kate tells why the living dolls were made.


When Emilyko is cleaning, she accidentally broke the statue of Kate and she asked forgiveness from her. Kate said to dispose of that statue. While Kate is taking bath, Emilyko peerked at her body because she thought maybe she is leaking somewhere but she fell and she accidentally broke the pot of Kate. Kate saw her and it seems like she became angry but she did not she asked Emilyko if she is ok and Emilyko told her that she is ok. Kate told to her that she is a living doll who was made in the image of a human.

Emilyko wondered if Kate is a human. Emilyko took off her clothe and used it to clean the floor. Kate saw her and told her that clothes are not cleaning tools. She told her that the living doll is not just made to be a maid. Shadow family's faces are difficult to recognize because they don't have a face and she told her that the faces replacement are the living dolls. That's why Kate will be bothered if Emilyko will not pay to her appearance and Emilyko asked for forgiveness. Kate tells her that Emilyko still has a lot to learn and she will learn it bit by bit but it is too late, Emilyko's body fell down on the floor and can't move her body so Kate told her that she must eat.

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