Instruction manual is the 3rd chapter of the Shadows House manga series.

Characters by Appearance

  1. Kate
  2. Emilyko


Kate is going to sleep as well as Emilyko. Emilyko is happy to serve her master. When she woke up, she waits for her master to get up from bed then she greets her master a good morning.


Kate is going to sleep and she thanked Emilyko for cleaning her room, Emilyko kissed her cheek and said goodnight. After that, she went down to her room and saw a doll whose face is covered up, the doll brought bread for Emilyko. While she was eating, she saw some instructions on the wall and she picked up the important thing she already knew from the beginning. Its content is about the shadows house, the wonderful noblemen, and the dolls who are happy to serve them. She says she still has a lot to read many times and has to learn it but she hasn’t read it all yet. When she went to sleep she cleaned herself first before going to sleep and in the morning her bell rang and she saw that there is a light in the hallway so it was morning. She ate bread then she goes up to see her master and greeted her. She opened Kate's window and soot came out of Kate because it always came out when she was sleeping so it was hard for Emilyko to clean it but Emilyko said it was fun to clean and the happy day with Kate started again.

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