Sootman is the 4th chapter of the Shadows House manga series.

Characters by Appearance


Emilyko is so happy because Kate taught her how to read.


Emilyko cleans the soots in the corner. Kate asks her to continue what she's doing until she's done. Emilyko watched what her master was doing. She found Kate drowsy as she read until she finished reading and did nothing. Kate took the soot that Emilyko had collected to make a sootman. Emilyko was happy with what she did. Kate noticed that Emilyko was watching her in her activities. Emilyko praised what Kate did and Emilyko told her that she could just go back to her room if she wasn't doing anything, But Emilyko says it was fun to watch her master. Kate asked if they could play cards and Emilyko agreed. While they were playing, Emilyko couldn't read what was written on the cards so Kate said to just pair the cards but Emilyko wanted to read. Kate picked up her book and taught Emilyko to read.

Emilyko was so happy that her master taught her to read. Kate said she would teach Emilyko again if she will wake up early and clean up, she then said good night to Emilyko. Emilyko studied what Kate taught her until she fell asleep. When Emilkyo woke up, she hurried to get herself ready and went straight to Kate's room. She saw Kate's soots coming out and her master's room was full of soot. Kate asks Emilyko to clean her room while she is taking a bath. She is not angry with Emilyko because Kate is a good master but Emilyko understands that Kate is angry because of the soots coming out of her. Emilyko wondered when she would be Kate's good servant and said she would do anything to clean up.

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