Empty stomach is the 5th chapter of the Shadows House manga series.

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Emilyko is hungry so she ate a tiny bit of her bread while working. Kate notices it and gave her bread to Emilyko. Emilyko is then delighted to have eaten such delicious bread.


Emilyko carried the dirty clothes in the laundry room, she then took a peek at Kate who was reading a book, and secretly ate a tiny bit of her bread that was in her pocket. She continued cleaning the table and once again ate her bread while peeking at Kate. Eventually, Kate noticed it and asks Emilkyko if she was hungry. Emilyko denied that she was hungry and both of them suddenly heard a knock on the door. A doll who was covered in black clothes and has a cover on its head came in and brought Kate's meal. Emilyko bowed down and thanked the doll, after the doll went out of the room, Emilyko informs Kate that it is time to eat.

Kate tells Emilyko that she doesn't have to bow down and thanked the dolls whose faces she can't see because they won't reply but Emilyko wants to thank them since they keep carrying things every day. Kate then said to Emilyko that to do as she please, she then asked Emilyko if she wants to have a piece of bread since there is too much food for her to eat. Emilyko said that accepting Kate's is impossible so Kate said to throw it instead. Emilyko thinks it's a waste, she then opened the garbage hole and felt sorry for the person who made the bread. She hesitated to throw it and eventually gives up, at that moment, her tummy made a sound. Kate knew Emilyko was hungry and Emilyko blushed at it. Kate asked Emilyko if she went to work early without eating breakfast and then told her that she would eat a tiny bit of bread while staggering, Emilyko was flustered and thought that Kate didn't notice it. Kate said to not do it again because it's bad manners and it lowers rank efficiency, she then told Emilyko to eat the bread but Emilyko still refuses.

Emilyko cried and said that accepting Kate's food because she is hungry is an act of a gluttonous living doll and she doesn't like that, Kate's soot then came out of her head but she calmed herself down. Kate told Emilyko that she wants to watch Emilyko eat something delicious because she is her face. Emilyko became happy and said that the bread was different from the bread she usually ate because it was white and smooth, she took a bite and freezes. Kate asked what's wrong and Emilyko happily said that the bread is delicious. Kate giggled so Emilyko asks what's wrong, Kate said that to be happy over a single bread but she couldn't continue her sentence when Emilyko once again said that the bread tastes delicious. Emilyko took a bite again and can't help but roll on the ground because of its deliciousness, Kate told Emilyko to don't roll while eating. Emilyko took out her bread from her pocket to compare the bread she usually ate, she said that it taste hard. Kate tells Emilyko that she doesn't have to force herself to eat the bread she usually eats since Kate will give her bread from that on forward. Emilyko was thinking for a moment and said that the bread she usually eats is delicious but Kate's bread is more delicious, Kate commented that Emilyko is such a positive person.

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