Emilyko (エミリコ Emiriko?) is the main protagonist of the Shadows House series and narrates some of the chapters. She is a Living Doll working as a maid in the Shadows House and as a "face" of Kate Shadow.


Emilyko appears as a young girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She wears a maid dress reminiscent of the Victorian style, with dark sleeves and a white apron and skirt. She wears white drawers underneath and a sleeveless undershirt. Her pigtails are held with bows in place where her master has roses.


Emilyko is cheerful and hardworking. Her top priority is taking care of her master Kate Shadow, whom she is friends with. She likes making friends and spending time with them. Although she is inexperienced and sometimes clumsy, she is also dependable. She keeps a positive attitude and stands up for others. Emilyko is curious and eager to learn new things. She enjoys cleaning in the Shadows house and always tries to improve.








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