"The Shadow and Her Doll" (シャドーと () (にん) (ぎょう) Shadō to Ikiningyō?) is the first episode of the Shadows House anime series. It aired on April 11, 2021.


"Shadows House"—where many "Shadows" and their caretakers, the "Living Dolls" live there.

A "Living Doll" comes to Kate, a girl from the "Shadow" family.

The two are awkward at first, but as they spend time together, they grow closer. Kate names the living doll "Emilyko".


First day of Emilyko.

There was a sleeping living doll in the box and she woke up. She gets up and she prepares himself. While she was preparing she got hungry and another unknown living doll gave her bread. Before she left her place she ate the bread and looked at the picture of a shadow who would be her master. She turned to her master's place and she opened the window to brighten the room. The living doll introduces herself that she will be the servant of the shadow named Kate. Kate asked the name of the living doll but the living doll said nothing. Kate said her servant should be named. Kate thought of a good name but she couldn't think of anything so she said she would say it later.

Kate and Emilyko.

While cleaning the living doll looked at her master. The master said that her servant should be stopped looking at her. As she said this, a soot came out of her head. Kate says to her, She doesn’t like people looking in the eye. The living doll said that if Kate looks at her servant's forehead, she looks like she's making eye contact too. Kate tried to look at her servant and her servant said Kate looked at her. Her servant just says it and no one really sees the face of a shadow,

Kate stepped on the soot.

According to Kate. She also said about the soot that it comes out when angry oh the shadow has negative emotions. The living doll asked if Kate was angry but Kate said she was just anxious. As the living doll sweeps the floor, She swept away a lot of soot. Kate said soots were accumulating on the sides of the room. Suddenly a soot moved and Kate stepped on it. The living doll looks at her master again and Kate said that the living doll does it again because she will be anxious again and the living doll apologizes. While the living doll is in her room she is sad because her master is anxious and she also becomes anxious. She wonders how she will serve her master.

Emilyko accidentally fell down.

When the living doll is cleaning, she accidentally broke the statue of Kate and she asked forgiveness from her. Kate said to dispose of that statue. While Kate is taking bath, The living doll peeked at her body because she thought maybe she is leaking somewhere but she fell and she accidentally broke the pot of Kate. The living doll thinks that if she breaks, she will be thrown away to. But it was okay he said, ands he jumped for joy but he broke Kate's other pot again and he was hurt. Kate finished taking a bath so she went to her servant and saw her servant wiping the floor with her servant’s clothes. Kate reprimanded her servant for not using the clothes to wipe. The living doll said that she needed big cloth so she don’t mind looking like that.

Pain of Emilyko.

But Kate explained that living dolls were not made just to be servants. Living dolls serves shadow's faces to. and she will be bothered if her servant does not take care of her face. The living doll apologized. "There's still plenty of things you don't know, Right? It's fine if you learn bit by bit" Kate said it to her servant. The living doll asked why they were made to look like humans, Kate explained that they were allowed to move, to work and to serve the face of the shadows. Kate’s servant asked if Kate was a human but she said the living doll had a lot of questions. Living doll's body fell down on the floor and can't move her body so Kate told her that she must eat.

Emilyko ate Kate's bread.

Kate gave her bread to her servant, Living doll said that the bread was different from the bread she usually ate because it was white and smooth, but she refuses. She said that accepting Kate's food because she is hungry is an act of a gluttonous living doll and she doesn't like that, Kate told her that she wants to watch her eat something delicious because she is her face. The living doll became happy and said that the bread was different from the bread she usually ate because it was white and smooth, she took a bite and freezes. Kate asked what's wrong and She happily said that the bread is delicious. Kate giggled so She asks what's wrong, Kate said that to be happy over a single bread but she couldn't continue her sentence when she once again said that the bread tastes delicious. She can't help but roll. Kate told her don't roll while eating. and Kate's soot came out. Kate commented that her servant is such a positive person. Kate was about to go to sleep so she thanked her servant for cleaning all day, but her servant said she didn't help much and she thanked Kate for giving her the bread. Se had a good night with Kate and she kissed her master before they went to sleep.

Kate is making sootman.

In the morning, the living doll carried the heel full of soots, and she placed it on the side. She found Kate drowsy as she finished reading . Kate took the soot that her servant had collected to make a sootman.  Kate noticed that the living doll was watching her in her activities. She praised what Kate did and she told her that she could just go back to her room if she wasn't doing anything, But her servant says it was fun to watch her master. Kate asked if they could play cards and Her servant agreed. While they were playing, Kate's servant couldn't read what was written on the cards so Kate said to just pair the cards but her master wanted to read.

Kate is teaching Emilyko how to read.

Kate picked up her book and taught her to read. The living doll was so happy that her master taught her to read. Kate said she would teach her again if she will wake up early and clean up, she then said good night to her servant. The living doll studied what Kate taught her until she fell asleep. When she woke up, she hurried to get herself ready and went straight to Kate's room. She saw Kate's soot's coming out and her master's room was full of soot. Kate asks her servant to clean her room while she is taking a bath. When Kate finished taking a bath, her servant also finished cleaning. Kate said her servant had improved on the cleaning. The living doll saw Kate's face tilted and She asks her to smile. Kate smiled but her servant told her to make her smile even bigger. and suddenly the living doll laughed out loud.

Emilyko is washing her face.

When the living doll finished cleaning, She cleaned herself up. After that she prepared the tea. Kate noticed that her servant had just cleaned her face because that was all she could see in the mirror. Kate cleaned her servant's back. The living doll asked if all the shadow family had a living doll like her. Kate explained that it depends on the time. They all get a living doll as recognition of the coming of age. She wonders if she is defective because she is not like Kate who is wonderful and neat.

Make up of Kate.

Kate asked if she could be beautiful so Kate made her beautiful with make up. The living doll rubbed the powder on Kate because she might see her face. Kate yelled and her servant apologized for what she had done. Kate puts her dress on her servant, When the living doll put on Kate's dress. She found out that the reason is clear now. It is because living dolls looks like perfect human beings. The living doll says it’s not true because she doesn’t notice that she is dirty and her behavior is un coat,

Emilyko is Kate's mirror.

Kate made her look like this so she said she is Kate’s mirror. She wondered if Kate was smiling and she saw no soot coming out of Kate because she thought her master wasn't angry and her master said she was right. The living doll saw her boss laugh. Kate has already said what her servant’s name should be and it must be Emily who is a heroine in the book Kate is reading. Because she was positive and cheerful like the living doll but because the living doll was strange and funny, she named her servant Emilyko and the living doll was happy and she thanked Kate. She also said that he would do everything to serve her master.

Scary living doll.

While Emilyko was cleaning the window. Kate saw the dirt sticking to the window glass. She thought the dirt might be in outside. Emilyko opened the window and she wonders if there is other Shadows family out there. She saw and waved another living doll like her and another shadow like Kate. The living doll looked wicked.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Emilyko
  2. Kate
  3. Barbie (Cameo)
  4. Barbara (Cameo)


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