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"The Dark Drink" ( (くろ) () (もの) Kuroi Nomimono?) is the eleventh episode of the Shadows House anime series. It aired on June 20, 2021.


Kate finds Emilico's notebook in her room, learning of soot sickness and having Emilico drink large amounts of water. This forces Emilico to throw up several times, upsetting Kate to tears. Emilico breaks down over feeling only happiness when she had learned of Rum's disposal after her brainwashing dissolves. As she calms down, a train leaves the manor, carrying Dorothy and Ryan with their faces revealed.

Arriving at a village, the nobles trade carts of soot coal, which makes the villagers easy to manipulate, for some village children, having them drink coffee to brainwash them. The children are brought back to the manor, left sleeping in a dark room as the adult Shadows bid them to become fine Living Dolls.

Kate reveals Living Dolls are human children taken from villages with their memories erased. Emilico goes to her room, opening the door for a Veiled Doll, disappearing when Kate comes in to ask her a question.

In his room, John thinks back to when he first saw Kate, after Emilico fell out a window, and when he asked Kate to come to his room to consider engagement. Kate enters and tells him the same secret she told Emilico earlier and hides when Shaun enters. John and Shaun argue, turning physical which breaks Shaun's brainwashing.

Meeting with Louise and Lou in Patrick's room, Louise shows her soot power and explains how she saw a tall Veiled Doll cart a bundle that appeared to be Emilico. The class of Shadows deduce Edward to be behind this and decide to help Kate. During this, Emilico is blindfolded and tied to a chair as Edward speaks to her in a feminine voice.


Kate reads The Teachings of the Shadows Family as she heads to Emilico's room, noting the rules it contains. Seeing Rolly on a desk, Kate has it fly around but drops it to the ground, noticing Emilico's notebook. The notebook was used as a diary by Emilico, detailing recent events and soot sickness as Kate makes a realisation between soot and drinking water.

Back in her room, Kate has Emilico drink water, deducing that her condition is a form of soot sickness and the coffee from the Debut was laced with soot. Information about soot was left out of the rulebook to ensure Shadows would not accidentally cure their Dolls from the brainwashing. Emilico throws up into a bucket but does not emotionally react when asked about Rum, forcing Kate to continue, quietly crying. They finally stop when Emilico begins to cry, upset that she feels happy when remembering that Rum was disposed of, both frustrating and confusing her.

While Emilico calms down, a train leaves the manor, carrying Ryan and Dorothy with their faces revealed. Ryan complains about the shaky ride while Dorothy enjoys acting as a well loved noble, noting that the soot coal the villagers are burning has made them easy to manipulate. Arriving at a village, the nobles offer carts of soot coal and are lead to a house to inspect the village children. At a table, a boy and two girls are offered cups of coffee to show that they have been selected to work at the mansion and drink, gaining the same black eyes as the brainwashed Dolls. The children are taken to the manor where they are placed on beds when asleep, with Ryan and Dorothy bidding them to become fine Living Dolls.

Kate explains to Emilico that the Living Dolls are actually human children from the nearby villages after the manor erases their memory, Emilico included. In her room, Emilico sees a Veiled Doll arrive and opens her door, only to disappear by the time Kate enters to ask for a word.

In John's room, he thinks back to the time Emilico fell out the window, where he left the room out of curiosity and caught sight of Kate, falling in love. He had asked Kate to come to his room if she considers getting engaged to him back when he handed a handkerchief to her during Lord Grandfather's audience. Kate enters to tell him that Emilico is gone and that the Dolls, actually human, are brainwashed by the mansion. She hides when Shaun enters, telling John to notice differences in his Doll. He notes that Shaun doesn't push to keep his glasses on, or lecture John, making him feel lonely and questions the Shadows House out loud. The two begin to argue, turning physical against Kate's protests but succeeds in bringing Shaun back.

Louise and Lou look for Kate, running into her with John and Shaun and the group goes to Patrick's room. Kate explains her situation, only for Louise to show her soot power on Lou, then describes a tall Veiled Doll who carted a bundle that looked like a Living Doll. Emilico is blindfolded and tied to a chair as a female voice speaks about tea. Louise identifies Edward as the kidnapper and the group decides to help Kate over their mutual dislike over Edward.


  1. Emilico
  2. Kate
  3. Ryan
  4. Dorothy
  5. Shaun
  6. John
  7. Louise
  8. Lou (No Lines)
  9. Patrick
  10. Ricky (No Lines)
  11. Edward


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  • Chapter 48 and Chapter 49 was skipped.
  • Last scenes of the episodes are anime original contents that did not seen in the manga.