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"The Soot Sickness" (すすによる (やまい) Susu ni yoru yamai?) is the third episode of the Shadows House anime series. It aired on April 25, 2021.


Emilico learned so many things that she needed to learn. Rosemary had Soot Sickness but she recovered.


The Debut hall

Emilico talked to her doll and she said it was now her 1st day of class to find out things that she didn't know yet. Emilico came out and saw Mia but she was scared because she thought Mia didn't like her because of the incident in the garden but that was just a reaction of her master, Sarah. The whole squad meets. They had already started the lesson, Rosemary showed the tool space. Emilico saw the stairs to the chin and asked her if it was going to the kitchen and laundry room, but Lou said that's where faceless dolls work and it's not good to go there. Mia showed the study room. Emilico saw the clothes drawn on the wall and Rosemary explained that the living dolls would wear them when they would take on the role of a face. They will wear it after Emilico, Lou and the others debut. Rosemary explained that the state is divided into 2 constructions ... They went to the plaza where they had cleaned before. Emilico saw the soot. Rosemary admired her because of how observant she was. Lou was asked what was in the hallway, and her answer was that it was the debut space. Emilico asked what was being done in the debut and Rosemary replied that it was an important ceremony and Mia replied that we will know here if the living doll is a suitable material for the shadow house ... and this is all they said about the debut and they couldn't give any other details about the debut.

Rosemary closes Emilico's mouth.

Emilico asked if there were other living dolls that were older than Rosemary and Rosemary replied there was, she showed the separate building where the seniors were. Mia said it was a place for great people but Rosemary said it won’t do for Emilico to inquire about too much. Mia added that the living doll really needs to be loyal to their masters and if they don't become good living dolls they will be disposed of. Emilico mentions the name "Oji- sama" but Rosemary keeps her quiet because only members of the Shadow family can mention him. They should call him the "Great Creator" together. She even said that they must not speak recklessly of him, people of as low status as them, speaking of him disgraced his existence. They hear the emergency bell ringing and Rosemary said it is the phantom and they went to the hall of cleaning implements.

Scorchs on Rosemary's face.

They could not believe that the phantom existed. Emilico asked what thing is this, They answered that it is a cluster of scorches and a scorch is a soot that gathers together and begins to move. All the living dolls were surprised when they saw the phantom. Barbie ordered them to go back to work. One of the living dolls brought the hammer and asked what to do. Barbie told them to smash it. Barbie was angry with Rosemary's group because she thought they hadn't done well. Mia says the star bearers are horrible creatures. They saw a scorch and they chased it, Rosemary saw that the scorch was going to hit Emilico so she blocked it and she was the one who was rushed by the dirt.

Emilico saved Rosemary and Mia.

The scorch covered Rosemary's entire head and face until she collapsed. The scorches continued to go at Rosemary until it became spider-like creature, using Rosemary's face. The scorch ran uphill and it hung Rosemary. Mia tries to save Rosemary but Rosemary just kicks her. Lou figured out a way to beat Scorch and she said to pour water on scorches and it worked but, the water can't reach the scorch so Lou chooses Emilico who she will save of the two. But, Emilico took the burn that contained water and threw it at the scorches until it disappeared. They admired Emilico's well -being. Rosemary woke up but she wasn't on her own because she was banging herself on the wall. Mia said it was soot sickness and the first aid team came to treat Rosemary. The 3 continued cleaning and Emilico said she learned something today that they should clean well so that the soots don’t stick together so it will not move.

Emilico and Mia are bathing.

When Emilico got up from the bed, she saw her doll moving. Emilico asked her doll to come to her but it did not move. She met Lou and Mia again and she is worried about Rosemary but Mia replied that Rosemary will be okay. She told her to stop because they will do something fun and it is washing themselves up. They saw the map and it said that the bath is made for two. Mia asked Emilico to come with her and she asked Lou to find someone else. Emilico and Mia went to the bath and started to take a bath. Emilico asked if they also use its soap for cleaning and Mia replied that it is a special type of soap for dolls. When they got up, they took a shower and Emilico saw the scars on Mia's back. The two went out and saw Lou coming back and Rosemary was with her. Emilico was happy to see that Rosemary was feeling better. Rosemary said she had Soot Sickness. It occurs when scorches enter the body.

Kate controls her power.

Emilico went home and told Kate what had happened to her group and then the topic changed. Kate asked Emilico when she cleans, put back things where it belongs. Kate showed Emilico her stuffed toy that was not placed where it should be, Emilico said that Kate's toy also moved but Kate didn't believe until she saw Emilico's toy jump. Kate thought that maybe it was the power that came from the Lord Grandfather but she wondered why other things except toys didn't move. Emilico said it was because of the soot that was causing it to move. She told her that she stuffed Rolly with the soot from her sootman because she don't have a spare cotton. Kate told Emilico that she was weird and just cleaned up. Emilico went to her room and she said what she knew about the soot. Kate called Emilico through the bell. Emilico came and Kate showed her ability to transfer soot into the glass and she is able to control it. Kate asked her to keep it as a secret.

Edward in anime.

After the credit, we are shown a scene where mysterious Shadows are discussing the upcoming Debut to a group of 3 of what looks like Living Dolls, with the middle one being referred to as Edward. One of the mysterious Shadows mentioned that they must cull the failed fruit with haste, after which Edward is asked how goes the preparation of the Debut. To this, he answered that everything is prepared. On their leave, Edward is seen thinking that the Debut is his big change now that he's selected as the proctor. He will put up a good show for the Third floor lords, and perhaps would even rise to the Third floor himself. The candidates do not matter, and what matters is that everything goes as he planned.


  1. Emilico
  2. Mia
  3. Lou
  4. Rosemary
  5. Barbie
  6. Doug
  7. Rum
  8. Ryan (Cameo)
  9. Sophie (Cameo)
  10. Dorothy (Cameo)
  11. Joseph Cameo)
  12. Edward
  13. Gerald (Cameo)
  14. Aileen (Cameo)


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