John (ジョン Jon?) is one of the side protagonists in the Shadows House series and the shadow living under the care of the "Living Face", Shaun.


Like the rest of the shadows in the house, John is entirely black and appears to be a silhouette of his "face", Shaun. John is a young boy with short hair and wears light blue Victorian style clothing complete with white frills and socks.


John is known to be quite friendly with everyone and very open minded. Unlike many shadows he treats Shaun with respect and even offers to wear glasses so Shaun can be seen while wearing his. Like Kate and Emilyko, John and Shaun are polar opposites. John is more of an extrovert while Shaun is definitely an introvert. Despite this, the two are very good friends and John cares for his "face" immensely.




Power & Abilities

Soot Quantity

John has high quantity of Soot.


John has physical type of ability. He manages to channel his Soot ability into his fists, giving him explosive control over his punches.

During the debut, he can breaks a big rolling boulder into a tiny pieces with a single punch to save Ricky. However, the damage from his punch depend on range which is about 2 or 3 meter. The longer the distance from the user, only will reduce the effectiveness of his Soot ability.





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