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Kate to Emilyko in Broken Dolls are...

Kate (ケイト Keito?) is a young girl in the Shadow family, a noble family. She is the main protagonist along with her "Living Doll", Emilyko.


Like the rest of the Shadow family, Kate is a shadow, her whole body including her hair is black. She has the same hairstyle as her living doll Emilyko, namely a fringe with two locks that frame her face but lift up in a small quilt attached with flower barrettes. Her hair is long, it reaches almost down the back.

She wears as clothes a red dress with a white frill underneath. She also wears a red jacket with a bow of the same color. She has white socks with red shoes.


Kate is a very calm and intelligent young girl. At the beginning of the story she is very distant with Emilico although she cares about her. From the beginning of the story, we see that Kate suffers a lot because of a shadow and that we can not easily understand her emotions. But as and with the help of Emilico, she becomes a little more open even if still a little distant with the other master shadows. Kate is also against the illustrious Grandfather and organized a revolute against him.




Powers and Abilities

Soot Quantity






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