Here is a list of episodes from the Shadows House anime series which started airing on April 11 2021.

Episode Title Card Title Japanese Air Date English Air Date
01 Episode 1 (Title Card).png The Shadow and Her Doll

(シャドーと生き人形 Shadō to Iki Ningyō?)

April 11, 2021 TBA
02 Episode 2 (Title Card).png Outside the Room

(部屋の外には Heya no Soto ni wa?)

April 18, 2021 TBA
03 Episode 3 (Title Card).png The Soot Sickness

(すすによる病 Susu ni yoru yamai?)

April 25, 2021 TBA
04 Episode 4 (Title Card).png Watchers in the Night

(深夜の見回り Shin'ya no mimawari?)

May 2, 2021 TBA
05 Episode 5 (Title Card).png The Debut

(お披露目 Ohirome?)

May 9, 2021 TBA
06 TBA The Garden Labyrinth

(庭園迷路 Teien Meiro?)

May 16, 2021 TBA
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