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Lou (ルウ Ruu?) is one of the side protagonist in the Shadows House series. She is a Living Doll working as a maid in the house and acts as Louise's face.


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Lou is a young girl with short curly pink hair and bright yellow eyes. She wears a maid dress reminiscent of the Victorian style, with dark sleeves and a white apron and skirt, or a Portrait when serving as Louise's face. She has a black bow on the left side of her bangs.

Before entering the House, she wore a pale-yellowish dress with a frilly collar, white tights and black shoes. In her hair was a white ribbon.


Lou is a quiet and obedient girl who listens to her master's every order. Her top priority is taking care of Louise and her own safety. She often gets worried about her face getting damaged and has been known to invade in people's personal space. When she sets her mind to something, she's very determined to achieve it, especially if it has to do with Louise. Unlike Emilico, she doesn't think of "unnecessary thoughts" and has the potential to be an outstanding Living Doll. Although, since she only thinks of herself as a face and nothing more, she is really bad in making decisions.

Early life

Louise used to attend school in Mirrorside Village along with John, Patrick and Shirley. She used to be a role-model for her classmates, smiled a lot, (according to Rum), and liked to tease Patrick.

On the day before selection, Louise came up to Patrick's house, asking him to come with her to the circus. He refused, telling her that he needed to prepare for the selection, but came anyway, after she dragged him by the hand, saying that they should at least make some memories together, if this is their last day in the village.

The 4 of them went to the circus where they met a nameless orphan girl named, Emilico. They decided to help her get into the selection with her using a fake name - "Kate". The next morning, Louise, Patrick and John came to Shirley's house, where they helped their new friend get ready. Louise commented on how they should call her "Kate" now and teased Patrick about his new hairstyle.

After the selection, Louise, along with the others, was brainwashed via coffee and brought into the House, where she was approached by a morph.


Introduction Arc

The 5 children came to the mansion, they drank coffee and they said their duty as living dolls Mia introduced Lou to Emilico. Lou is one of the members of Rosemary Team along with Mia and Emilico. According to Mia Lou doesn't talk much. Lou helped clean up with her group until they were done.

Phantom Incident Arc

Rosemary's group got together again. They explained to Emilico things she didn't know yet. Suddenly there was an emergency and Barbie ordered to defeat the phantom. Rosemary was hit by soot and covered her whole face. Mia tried to save her but Rosemary just kicked her. Lou says water is the solution here. She sprayed phantom but it couldn't reach everyone but Emilico took a pot full of water and threw it at Rosemary. The next day they came together again to take a bath but Lou separated from them and she was with Rosemary when she take bath. They went to Mia and Emilico when they were finished and they were happy to see that Rosemary was fine.

Barbie called all the living dolls. Barbie said one of them was lazy to clean and she said it caused of phantom mayhem. She was strict with Rosemary's group because she judged them as the perpetrator. She is also strict with the new 3 living dolls Emilico, Rum and Shaun. In Rosemary's group and in the new living dolls, Lou was the only one she didn't restrict.

The Debut Arc

Kidnapping Arc



The relationship between Louise and Lou, is like a puppet on strings. While they get along well, Lou often is controlled by Louise who changes her expression on demand. As time went on, Louise learned to let Lou express herself.


As members of the same team, they interact a lot during cleaning. Lou respects Emilico's ideas, as she herself has hard time deciding on things and supports her. She jumped in to catch Emilico on multiple occasions, most notably, when she was acting as a "Face".


As shown in Chapter 27 of the manga while Lou was searching for Louise, she stumbled into Ricky. Later, she asked Ricky for a guide to find her Shadow Master. She unknowingly flusters Ricky by putting her face very close to his and asks if her face was damaged. She is grateful for his help during the maze and gives him her shears in secret, telling him she has never done something like this before and that she wants both him and Patrick to pass the Debut. It's unknown what exactly she thinks of him, but as the influence of coffee has started to fade she started to act differently around him, like asking for a flower while they are acting as "Faces", explaining her breaking the rules with "It's because it's Ricky." as well as looking back at him as she walks away.

In the past, Lou was always leading him around by hand and often teasing him.


  • Lou means "famed warrior" and is of German origin.


  • According with some fans calculations, Lou's height is around 148 cm


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