Louise (ルイーズ Ruiizu?) is one of the side protagonists of the Shadows House series and the shadow living under the care of the "Living Doll", Lou.


Like the rest of the Shadow's in the house, Louise is completely black and appears to be a silhouette of her Face, Lou. Louise is a young girl with short, curly hair and wears a yellow Victorian style dress with yellow flowers.


Louise is sassy and confident. She loves to show off her Face, Lou and has complete faith in her. She has multiple drawings of Lou posted on the walls in her room. Serious talk bores her and has been known to try and just wants to have fun.


The Debut Arc



It is not clear on how much Louise views Lou as a person, but she adores Lou as a face. It is not an uncommon sight to see Louise to fawn over Lou's face and admiring how beautiful she is.

Powers and Abilities

Soot Quantity


Louise's soot has mental-type characteristic. She can make Lou, her living doll, do whatever she wants, such as changing expression on demand or becoming more obedient.





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