Mia (ミア Mia?) is a supporting character in the Shadows House series. She is a Living doll working as a maid in the Shadows house and as a "face" of Sarah Shadow. Her catchphrase is "Ufufu~"



Mia is a young girl with curly silver hair that goes down to her shoulders and green eyes. She wears a maid dress reminiscent of the Victorian style, with dark sleeves and a white apron and skirt.


Mia is talented at being a proper "face" and won't hesitate to be rude to those she thinks of as friends as long as her master is around. On her own, she is a caring and thoughtful person. She sticks up for her team, acting like their big sister and tries to be as helpful as possible during cleaning. She believes the best way to "better" herself is for her Master, Sara to beat her.

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