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Ricky (リッキー Rikkī?) is one of the side protagonists in the Shadows House series. He is a "Living Doll" working as a servant in the house and acts as Patrick's face.


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Ricky is a young boy with short, nicely kept blonde hair, blue eyes and very pale skin. He usually wears a standard male "Living Doll" uniform or a portrait when serving as Patrick's "face".

Before entering the House, his hair was styled down in bangs covering his left eye, and he wore a white shirt with a high collar and a green vest over it, with light brown shorts and brown shoes.


Upon his first appearance, Ricky comes off as an arrogant and self-centered person, willing to do anything to achieve a higher standing. He's easily flustered and tries to pick on others to establish his superiority, showing that he puts on an air of arrogance to cope with his insecurities. He overthinks a lot, plotting out everything and trying to choose the best option based on it. Deep down, under the facade he puts up, Ricky is a kind, sensitive person, shown especially in his relationship with Lou, who he fell in love with, and Patrick, whom he trusts deeply and advises from sidelines.

Early Life

Under his former name Patrick, he used to attend school in Mirrorside Village along with John, Louise, and Shirley. Judging by the comments from the headmaster, he used to be very serious. He often got into fights with John, leading to them both getting reprimanded by their teacher, and was very close to Louise, who teased him a lot.

On the day before selection, Louise went to his home to ask if he'd like to go with her to the circus. He refused, telling her that he needed to prepare for the selection, but ended up going anyway, after she dragged him by the hand, saying they should at least make some memories together, if this is their last day in the village.

The four of them went to the circus where they met a nameless orphan girl (Emilico). They decided to help her get into the selection with her using a fake name - "Kate". The next morning, Patrick, Louise, and John went to Shirley's house, where they helped "Kate" get ready. Patrick tried to style her hair similar to his own, saying that "outer appearances are important", as per advice from his older sister.

After the selection, he, along with the others, was brainwashed via coffee and brought into the House, where he was approached by a morph.


Introduction Arc

The 5 children came to the mansion, they drank coffee and they said their duty as living dolls. While Bill's group was cleaning up, Ricky and Shaun seemed to be arguing.

Phantom Incident Arc

Ricky catches Barbie as she is about to fall. He punched Shaun because Shaun doesn't respect a star bearer because of this Barbie praised him because he is the only promising one out of the new living dolls. He told his master Patrick about it. Ricky did it because it will benifit his master's face.

The Debut Arc

Kidnapping Filler Arc



Patrick relies on Ricky, almost hides behind him, and is openly distraught at the thought of losing him. He calls Ricky “indispensable” and “exceptional”, asking for his advice and opinion often. Ricky in turn is extremely loyal, going as far as to swear on his master’s name when accused of lying. He is willing to do anything to keep his master’s status high, going as far as to analyze every possible suitor for him to have the highest standing in the House. They have a very trusting relationship, judging from Patrick stating “There’s no way Ricky is lying."


They didn’t see eye to eye at first, with Ricky still trying to go by his master’s wishes in acting superior to everyone and Lou being too focused on finding Louise. As they progressed through the maze, he grew to respect her. Ricky was genuinely concerned when Lou fell and cut her leg, going as far as to bandage it for her, making her ask “Are you worried about me?” After that, he closely follows the map and checks every unsturdy looking thing before they move forward to avoid the repetition of this accident. During the maze, he started developing feelings for her, which grew over time. He only acknowledged them via internal monologue: "It's not Miss Louise's face that I want to see, but Lou's."


Ricky used to pick on Emilico when they first met during the Debut, but by the end of it, he willingly wanted to help her pass (by giving her the shears he got from Lou). After the Debut, they didn't interact much, but this positive development seemed to stay, as he felt bad after making a joke at Emilico's expense.


They didn't get along at all when they first met, constantly trying to start a fight. The events of the debut made them reimagine things, leading to Shaun apologizing for thinking bad about Ricky on impulse, and Ricky showing his true emotions by crying and begging Shaun and John to take care of Patrick for him.

After the Debut, they didn't interact a lot. Though Shaun and Ricky bicker, they are still friends and somewhat care about each other.


As with everyone, Ricky initially picked on Rum. They didn't get a chance to interact until her re-appearance, where he was happy to see her alive and well.



  • Ricky is a short form of "Richard" and "Patrick", and means "powerful leader", "peaceful ruler", as well as "power", "brave", "strong".


  • According with some fans calculations, Ricky's height is around 150 cm


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