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Welcome to the Shadows House wiki, a wiki dedicated to So-ma-to's manga and its anime adaptation by CloverWorks.

We currently have 10,162 edits to 297 articles and 920 images.

Warning: This wiki contains spoilers, read at your own risk!

Shadows House (シャドーハウス Shadō Hausu?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by So-ma-to. In a grandiose and dark mansion, the denizens of the Shadow House live, attended by their Living Doll partners who endlessly clean the soot their masters emit. Emilico, a young and cheerful Living Doll, is delighted to start serving her mistress Kate. As the two grow closer and are slowly exposed to various events within the House, they start to discover a number of dark secrets.
Featured Character
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John (ジョン Jon?) is one of the side protagonists in the Shadows House series and the shadow living under the care of the "Living Face", Shaun. John is known to be quite friendly with everyone and very open minded. Unlike many shadows he treats Shaun with respect and even offers to wear glasses so that Shaun can be seen while wearing his. Like Kate and Emilico, John and Shaun are polar...
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