Live like you will die tomorrow..
[Hi, I'm HereToMixThingsUp]

Hi! My name is Ann. Nice to meet you! This is really just an alt account. My main account is called Anotherfanatic.
I like to draw and write in my free time. I also like listening to Mafumafu songs, watching hololive streams, and reading manga.
I like eating Chinese rice cakes and drinking hot chocolate. I also love cheese sticks. The mozzarella ones you can get at Costco. Don't mind me I'm weird.
I'm teaching myself how to use CSS and HTML. I can also program in python.
I first got into fandom in 2018, starting with the Lunime wiki. Now, I edit on a lot of different wikis. I'm currently most active on the Toilet bound Hanako-kun wiki.
Normally you can find me chatting on Discord, sleeping, drawing, or generally procrastinating.
I am a bureaucrat for the Shadows House wiki.

In an old mansion full of soot...
[Shadows House wiki~]

Heyhey! I'm a bureaucrat of this wiki! I specialize in css styling (Hexa does most of the content). Lately, due to schoolwork, I've paused some of the things I wanted to do on this wiki. I'm hoping to get back to editing it soon.
If you have any questions for me, please plop them right on my message wall. If you have an affiliate request or would like to become a moderator, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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