We are not 100% sure what will happen in the future,

because the unexpected can happen all the time. Only knows God what will happen later, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade and next generation.

— ~Zero to Everyone

Just call me Zero who just desires a freedom and I am open minded about the universe.


Why do I want freedom? Because when you are free you can do everything you want in life. Now, I'm just trapped like an animal, I can go out but only to a limited extent, unlike before, I can go out whenever I want. but now the world is cruel now, but this world is beautiful because it was made by God and there is nothing wrong with what he did but the only thing I ask of him is freedom.


We know only less than one percent about this galaxy but if we study about this galaxy our knowledge will increase but it is not enough to know everything in the galaxy even the cosmologists who study about the galaxy. Only God knows everything in the universe. I have studied a few things about the galaxy even in this world and I cannot believe the ones I have studied. Here I realized that nothing is really impossible in this world. Some of the things I learned were about Agartha, Aliens and more. I'm[ also making some possible theories about the galaxy. I believe that aliens and mythical creatures are no harm because they are just like us. They have a right to live because they are God's creatures. I believe that not all of them are evil. You can ask me about the supernatural things, the things about this universe and I will answer you. Honestly I believe that TPN, AOT, Sailor moon and other anime are true. They exist in other universe not ours. But there is no portal yet going to their universe.


If you don't know guys, I am a pianist but I just started to be pianist last year. I became a pianist because I want to play piano in church. I want to serve God by playing piano. I already learned some things about playing piano just like minor and major chords. But I don't know other yet. I stopped learning piano because of covid and it hurt me so much. Playing piano for God is special to me. I am thankful because before the covid came I able to play piano in church. I am still learning how to play piano while lockdown.

How to Contact Me

You can always post to my message wall, but you can also contact me on Discord, and Twitter. I am much more likely to get back to you on Twitter and message wall than my discord, because I do not check my message wall discord that often. My Discord and Twitter is on above. and pls add friend me on discord and my anime list and follow me in twitter. Subscribe me on YouTube to here is the link.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8J4BSlQiZ2L56SM0VTfWPw

My top 6 anime

1. Sailor Moon

2. Violet Evergarden

3. Promised Neverland

4. Attack on Titan

5.Yona of the dawn

6. Black Clover

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